Best Funeral Services

Our funeral home is proud to be one of the leading funeral services in the local community. Our funeral home is located in Lafayette, La, and we service the New Iberia, La community. 

Our funeral home services have best systems for supporting families in their time of need. Our aim is to honor your family preferences and traditions while helping you work through the most difficult challenges when saying goodbye to your loved one. When you choose Colligan’s Crematory and Funeral Services, trust that you are working with a team that genuinely cares about the outcome of your service. We take the time to know and understand the requests and preferences of your family. Through this process, we can support a wide range of solutions, including burial as well as direct cremation. In addition, our full-service offerings provide everything you need for a funeral or memorial event, including life celebrations and traditional services. We are proud to provide a locally owned crematory to your family and the guarantee of quality when planning cremation services with us. If you require a casket, urn, or niche, our director can help you with the preparations, so it fits what you had in mind for your loved one’s celebration of life. When you work with us, you should have confidence knowing that our team focuses on helping and serving the community. We have a great system in place that supports any request needed for all walks of life. Our immediate care and funeral pre-planning services are available in New Iberia, Youngsville, Scott, Maurice, Lafayette, Broussard, Jeanerette, Breaux Bridge, St Martinville and Arnaudville.

Why we are the best funeral home option?

Depending on the wishes of the family and their requirements concerning the death of their loved one, there is a number of activities that our funeral home will take care of from the time we are first called until the chosen services are completed. No situation is the same, but the list is a brief summary of things a family should know about the services that we offer and provide upon a person's death.

We are only a call away to serve families when death takes place, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Remove and transfer the deceased from the place of death such as a nursing home, home or hospital, etc. to our funeral home and will also transport the deceased to the burial as well if needed.

Perform professional care of the deceased, as requested by the family, which includes washing, embalming, dressing, casketing, hairdressing, and cosmetology.

We also arrange a consultation with the family to gather the information that is necessary for completing paperwork like a certificate of death, etc. and to arrange the details of the funeral service.

Then we formulate, complete and file all required paperwork, including the certificate of death or other permits and authorizations needed, and can acquire a required number of certified copies of the certificate of death for the family.

We help the family by contacting the family's choice of clergy if one is not already notified, other officiants, musicians and singers if requested and will make arrangements with any special groups such as military, fraternal, etc. to be present in funeral services and will arrange for honorarium to be given to appropriate persons as requested by the family.

We contact and arrange necessary details with the cemetery, crematory, including fees, rules and regulations and other needs prior to the funeral services.

We also provide memorial products, which include a register book, acknowledgment cards, thank you cards, memorial folders, prayer cards, and Memorial Tribute DVDs as requested by the family.

We help families by arranging flowers, framed photos, photo collages and other memorial pieces in the chapel during service and visitation and insure the care of return to the family after the service.

We direct the chosen funeral services in a professional manner, from visitation to funeral service, to processional if required, to burials and cremations.

At the conclusion of the service, we deliver flowers, register books, flower cards, memorial contributions made to family, photos that were displayed, Memorial Tribute DVD and any other product back to the family.

We also assist the family with other arrangements that are required after services such as death dates added to existing monuments or the purchase of new monuments or headstones.

Types of funeral services that we offer - 

The type of funeral service you will choose can depend on the ethnic, cultural and religious customers of the deceased and their family. We also consider the personal preferences of the deceased and the family to determine the most meaningful and beneficial way to commemorate the life of the loved one. The most popular methods for funeral services of the deceased are cremation and burial and there is a number of types of services that you can choose from to accommodate either option.

Traditional Funeral Service- For a traditional funeral service, the deceased is present and available for viewing at the family's discretion. Traditional funeral services are usually held at our funeral home or in a church that is chosen by the deceased's family. Visitation, a time for family, friends, and the community to pay their respects to the deceased and to allow people to express their support and sympathy to the serving family members, can be scheduled for the day before the service or on the day of service, depending on the family's preference but is sometimes not wanted depending on the needs of the deceased family and friends. Our funeral service will be conducted and arranged between the family, the funeral home's director, and the chosen officiant. At the end of the funeral service, there is usually a procession to the cemetery and a brief committal service where final and last prayer rites are conducted at the grave site.

Graveside Service- Graveside services take place at the cemetery of the family's choosing. The funeral service will be conducted as managed between the family, our funeral home's director and the chosen officiant. As part of the graveside service, the committal service is also performed, which also includes final prayers and other rites.

Direct Burial- With a direct burial, there will be no visitation and no services arranges, the deceased is transported directly to chosen cemetery and then burial takes place.

Cremation with Traditional Funeral Service- Cremation does not restrict families from requesting traditional funeral services for their loved one. The deceased is present and available to be viewed if it is the family's wishes. Traditional funeral service can take place at the funeral home or at a church that is chosen by the family, and visitation may or may not be included. Arrangements for cremations will be scheduled. The deceased will be transported to the crematory and once the cremation has taken place, the remains will be transported back to the funeral home and returned to the deceased's family. The deceased’s family will be responsible for deciding on the final arrangements of the funeral process. 

Cremation with Memorial Service- A memorial service takes place without the body of the deceased present and this service can take place before or after the cremation takes place and with or without the cremated remains present at the cremation site. Without the body present, visitation is unnecessary but the memorial service can still be held at the funeral home or at a church that is chosen by the deceased's family. The memorial service will be conducted as arranged between the family, our funeral home's director and the chosen officiant. Once the service and the cremation process are over, the remains of the deceased are returned to the family. Then the family will be responsible for deciding the final resting place for the remains.

Direct Cremation- With direct cremation, there will be no visitation and no services will be arranged. The deceased is directly transported to the crematory and once the cremation has taken place then the remains of the deceased will be transported back to the funeral home and then returned to the family.

What to do when a death occurs?

A number of people are not sure about the steps they should take when a death occurs. Our funeral home is designed to assist you in better understanding funeral arrangements and what to do at the time your loved one passes away.

At the time of death -

Death in an institution- When the death occurs at a nursing home or a hospital, the medical staff should take care of all the required legal steps. You just have to notify the medical staff that our funeral home is handling arrangements so they can have you sign any necessary release of paperwork.

Anticipated death at home- These days, more people with terminal illness are electing to die at home under the care of Hospice. In this case, you must notify Hospice that our funeral home is the funeral home that you have chosen, and they will then take care of all the needed legal requirements. Many times, when someone has a terminal illness, the family will elect to make pre-arrangements with us so that they are not overwhelmed with a number of important decisions at the time of death.

Death out of state- In this case, the death occurs outside of Louisiana. Simply call our contact number, so that we can coordinate with our local funeral homes' director. We have a large network of contacts nationwide and our funeral home can often save families money by having our organization make the travel arrangements.

Funeral Arrangements- We strive to always give families the very best service possible. One way we do this is by inviting you to come and tour our funeral home and make arrangements that not only fit your budget but also correlate with your wishes for your loved one.